Faith Hall of Famers
Abraham and Sarah hold in their paw a Precious Seed. The Seed is the Word of God, St. Luke 8:11.

Abraham (12" tall)

"Father of Many Nations"
Abraham believed in God
and was called the
Friend of God.
St. James 2:23

Sarah (12" tall)

"Mother of Nations"
God hath made
me to laugh so
that all that hear
will laugh with me.
Genesis 21:6
Genesis 17:6

Abraham and Sarah "Talking" Teddy Bears share short and sweet inspirational messages.

The Lord chose Abram, a son of idolaters, to reveal Himself as the one living and true God.
God summoned Abram to emigrate to Canaan and made him magnificent promises. It was
not poverty, persecution, nor the love of migration that drove Abram from his native country.
Abram's sojourn to Canaan was completely due to a Spiritual inspiration. Genesis 12.

Sarai, Abram's wife, was eavesdropping on Abram and his guests when she overheard how
God was going to bless her household. The blessings seemed so unbelievable to her at the
time that she laughed. She remained devoted to her husband and faithful to God.
Sarai bore Abram a son (Isaac) in her old age. Genesis 18.

God was so moved by Abram and Sarai's faith in Him that He changed their names to
Abraham, "Father of many nations" and Sarah "Mother of nations". Genesis 17:5, 15-16.

Read Genesis chapters 12 through 23 for a complete account of Abraham and Sarah's story.

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